NCCPR Florida Reports

NCCPR’s Florida Reports, Florida Rate-of-Removal Indexes and related materials are available via the links below.  The reports are accurate assessments of the Florida child welfare system at the time each was written.  Fortunately, that system has improved enormously since many of these reports first were published.  NCCPR listed the transformation in Florida as one of our examples of Doing Child Welfare Right.  Unfortunately, shoddy reporting by the Miami Herald has caused the system to backslide. One of our most recent reports, in the form of a special website, defends the Florida reforms against that reporting. 

2014: Innocents Lost to Shoddy Journalism.  Our response to the Miami Herald series, Innocents Lost.

2011: The Price of Panic, Florida, 2011

2011:  The Herald vs. the facts

2008NCCPR 2008 Florida Rate-of-Removal Index and press release about the Index findings.

2007: NCCPR 2007 Florida Rate-of-Removal Index (including press release about the Index findings) and Suncoast Supplement

2006: The Price of Panic (Includes 2006 Florida-Rate-of-Removal Index)

2002Emerging from the Shadows: A 12-Step Program to Fix DCF

2001: The Lengthening Shadow

2000: Shadow on the Sunshine State